The Good Shepherd EP

In the book of John, Jesus said: "I am the Good Shepherd. I lay down my life for the sheep." Sing, rock, sway and dance along with the Quiz Worx team and learn these awesome words that Jesus said in this brand new 6-track EP.

God's All Loving and God's All Fair

Quiz Worx brand new Easter song is now available for you to stream anywhere! Dance and sing along to our awesome song all about how God is all-loving and God is all-fair!

All the Difference in the World

Quiz Worx first ever single! Dance and sing along with the Quiz Worx team in this awesome new song, all about how Jesus being alive makes all the difference in the world!

A (Not So) Silent Night

This Christmas album brings joy, controlled chaos, and a clear message of Jesus to kids (and adults) this Christmas.

Featuring 11 original rocking Christmas songs, plus 4 Christmas carols given a classic Quiz Worx twist, topped off with 5 fun, chaotic and informative Puppet segments, this album is sure to be played on high rotation all year round.

Rise Up And Rock

There is a long and rich history of Christian children's music. We ourselves grew up singing songs that praised God, and told of our saviour, Jesus. So why not re-invent these songs for the kids of the 21st Century?

That is Rise Up And Rock! 18 classic kids’ songs (plus a bonus original track)! Our hope and prayer is that these songs help young and old to rise up and rock out in praising Jesus!

Rise Up and Rock Album Cover

A Mighty Shout

The song “Revelation Chapter 7” are words directly from the last book of Bible: Revelation. It speaks of a time when people from all over the world will praise God and Jesus for all they have done.

That’s what this album aims to do. Draw attention to what our great God has done through his Son Jesus. We also wanted the album to be LOUD! We want people to rock out to this music and shout these songs.

That’s why this CD is called “A Mighty shout”. We want it to be loud praises to the God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb- that’s Jesus!

Living 4 Jesus

Quiz Worx's first ever album! With segments from the Quiz Worx puppets, and special guest Elvis, this album will have you dancing and singing along to these 20 rocking kids songs all about what it means to be 'Living 4 Jesus'!

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