Privacy Policy


  1. The Quiz Worx Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal information.
  2. In this Privacy Policy, 'us' 'we' or 'our' means Quiz Worx Incorporated.
  3. We are exempt from the requirements of the Privacy Act as a “small business”. However, to respect privacy, we will seek to deal carefully with any personal information we collect and retain in keeping with principles of Christian integrity in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to:

  1. Guide the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by those acting on behalf of us and our ministries
  2. Inform people of about and use of and access to any personal information held by us.


Collection of information

  1. We collect and retain information needed for our ministry and related activities.
  2. We may ask for general information such as your name, address and other details so that we can contact you, provide services to you or for the purpose of your participation in our activities. The information collected may include some sensitive information such as health information, your religious beliefs and so forth. Where practicable, the reason for collecting personal information will be made clear at the time of collection.
  3. You are not required to give us any personal information. However if you do not provide us with certain information we may not be able to provide you with access to some of our services or allow you to participate in some of our activities.

Use and disclosure of information

  1. We use information only for the purposes we have disclosed at the time of collection, or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy. We will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose without first seeking your consent, unless authorised or required by law.
  2. We will not mention any sensitive information provided to us, such as health information, in newsletters or publications without your approval (or the person responsible for you). Generally we will only use and disclose your personal information as follows:
    1. to maintain a record of your involvement and activity,
    2. to facilitate your participation in the activities of Quiz Worx,
    3. to process your donations,
    4. to answer your questions,
    5. to keep you informed of news about Quiz Worx and new developments we believe may be of interest to you, and
    6. to comply with our legal obligations.
  3. We may disclose personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy to:
    1. our employees and volunteers,
    2. third party suppliers and service providers, including those located outside of Australia (including providers for the operation of our website and database or in connection with our ministry),
    3. professional advisers, dealers and agents,
    4. specific third parties authorised by you to receive information held by us, and/or
    5. other persons, including government agencies, regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies, or as required, authorised or permitted by law.

Information Quality

We will endeavour to keep your personal information complete, accurate and up to date.

Information Security

We will take reasonable steps to keep the personal information which we hold secure and to protect it from unauthorised disclosure and misuse.

Access and Correction

We will generally provide you with access to your personal information and take reasonable steps to correct information which is inaccurate or incomplete. To request access to the personal information that we hold about you please contact If you wish to have your personal information deleted please let us know and we will delete that information unless we need to retain it for our purposes or to comply with the law.


If requested, where lawful and practicable we will deal with people who prefer to remain anonymous.

Sensitive Information

When we collect sensitive information (eg health, race, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, etc) it will be only in relation to the ministry of Quiz Worx Incorporated.

Questions or Complaints

Any questions about this Privacy Policy or complaints about our handling of personal information should be directed to the General Manager.

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