Upcoming Tours

In partnership with local churches, children’s workers and Christians, Quiz Worx aims to share Jesus with kids everywhere!

What are Quiz Worx Tours?

As such, we travel extensively, spending several months of the year touring interstate and regional Australia. This allows us to partner with many people outside well-resourced Sydney. Through our shows and programs, we aim to consolidate and reinforce the work already being done in these areas using creative and engaging methods; as well as share the resources, skills, time & experience we have been blessed with.

When organising a tour in a particular region, we try to connect with churches and Christians in that area to see if they would like to be involved through:

  • Organising shows in local schools, as well as outreach, training and church events;
  • Contributing towards the cost of these shows;
  • and Accommodating the Quiz Worx team (usually 2 performers) during the tour, typically through billeting out to members of a church’s congregation.

If you would like us to visit your area in the future, please email us at info@quizworx.com.au or call us on 1300-PUPPETS (1300 78 77 38).

​To book now, call us on 1300-PUPPETS (1300 78 77 38) or click on the button below to inquire online.

What people are saying

  • Lots of energy, fun and the teaching was age appropriate and repeated many times to help the kids remember. The teaching was short and to the point, the song was energetic with lots of action and interaction with the children. The segments were short and emphasizing the same theme. The visuals were great, so were the puppets and the sports/coach/team illustration was a great way to help the kids understand what is means to be in God's team and obey Him as the coach. Timing was excellent as well!
    Pam Schubert
  • Jesus focussed, engaging, entertaining, memorable. Always well received by the schools. A great supplement to regular Scripture lessons and able to be followed up by Scripture teachers.
    Cameron Webber
  • It was so much fun learning about Jesus. The gospel was so clear and engaging. The kids (and teachers!) loved every moment of it!
    Tory Cayzer
  • It is so lovely that these wonderful people take the time to come out to our tiny Indigenous community. We often feel forgotten and are always amazed by the warmth, enthusiasm and care that these lovely people bring to our community. Thank you so much for caring about us. We feel so grateful!
    Principal Anne Downes
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