Partner With Us

Quiz Worx relies heavily on the generosity of fellow Christians who have seen (or heard of) the work we do, and support us in this work. Here is how you can partner with us.


The first way Quiz Worx needs support is through people speaking to God on our behalf. Quiz Worx is involved in front-line ministry – going before literally tens of thousands of children a year and sharing the message of Jesus from the Bible. We covet your prayers in this endeavour.

When you become a prayer partner we will send you regular email updates. We are always seeking more people who will intercede for us so please become a Prayer Partner today.


The finances that Quiz Worx receives from payments for shows and through the purchasing of their resources covers less than 20% of our running costs. The remaining 80% of our expenses are covered through the generous donations of people who believe that this ministry is an effective one for reaching children with the good news of Jesus.

As Quiz Worx continues to expand in order to be able to meet more requests for shows and create further resources, our need for more people willing to support us also increases. Help us share Jesus with kids everywhere and become a donor today.

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