The Good Shepherd

This Easter, the Quiz Worx team unpacks Jesus’ words from John chapter 10 where he says that he is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.

This brand-new video includes an action packed superhero drama, an interview with former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson, about Jesus being his Good Shepherd, and… lots of sheep!

It highlights the Good News of the Bible that Jesus showed his power and his care by laying down, then taking back up, his life to make a way for people to live with God forever.

This 15-min video is ideal for use in SRE (NSW) and RI (QLD) classes and assemblies. It is recommended by the creators of Beginning with God, Connect, Big Questions and GodSpace, and supports the learning outcomes of these curricula.

Please note that some scenes may be scary for younger children. As always, it is recommended to watch the video first to check the suitability for your specific context.

Quiz Worx' latest Easter video, "The Good Shepherd", is creative, constantly engaging and funny. It simply and clearly teaches the reason that Jesus died and rose: He is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep.  I think that John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister) even stole the limelight from Scruff, particularly when he was describing what Jesus means for him. 

The video, at 15 minutes in length, is ideal for a 30 minute SRE or RI lesson.  Thanks Quiz Worx for producing this incredible resource which is perfectly suited to Easter lessons in schools.

Adam Jolliffe - Children’s Ministry and Primary SRE Advisor

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