Welcome Amplify Friends

Hi friends from Amplify 2022! We would love to partner with you this year to share Jesus with the kids in your lives. There are THREE ways we'd love to do this:

1. Book a Live Show

Can we present a live show at your school or church? Our teams are based on the Gold Coast and in Sydney but we love to share Jesus with kids everywhere, and so we are keen to travel far and wide. Easter & Christmas are popular times but we're happy to come throughout the year too. Find out more about live shows - plus our first visit to your school is FREE!

2. Use Digital Resources

Have you signed up for our FREE digital resources yet? With more than 140 videos and accompanying resources, you'll find a variety of videos for use at school, church & at home. Find out more about Quiz Worx Home Delivery and School Delivery, and check out our brand new Easter video here.

3. Pray & Give

Quiz Worx relies heavily on the generosity of fellow Christians who have seen (or heard of) the work we do, and support us in this work through prayer and giving. Please consider partnering with us through prayer & giving to help share Jesus with kids everywhere. Find out more.

If you have questions about our ministry or how you can partner with us in some other way, please email us at info@quizworx.com.au or call 1300 PUPPETS (that's 1300 787 738). We'd love to hear from you!

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