Jesus' Mission is for Everyone - Kids’ Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 6)

Free Bible Talks for Kids

Looking for Bible kids' talks for your church or family? During Covid-19 we turned our attention to making resources that can help churches and families share Jesus with kids. We're excited for you to join us for Quiz Worx Home Delivery

More than 40 Weeks of Videos

The central part of Quiz Worx Home Delivery is the kids’ talk video. These talks are fun, engaging, relevant and Biblically faithful. They're created for kids ages 4-12 but are enjoyed by younger (and older) kids.
We have made them to be easy for churches to use in both online and in-person ministry, and to share with the families in their church. Individual families can also use Quiz Worx Home Delivery as part of their own family devotions.
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Activity Sheet Examples for Home Delivery

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What people are saying

  • I’ve been to numerous shows by Quiz Worx, and have just completed a week of work experience with them. Their focus on Jesus is so admirable, and the way they present their work is engaging, and teaches the audience really well. The staff are amazing outside of shows, and they have the biggest heart for God. I absolutely adore their work, and cannot recommend them highly enough!
    We wanted to say thank you for the home delivery service which we have been using and look forward to when it commences again. Our kids have thoroughly enjoyed it and we have been using them as a basis for family devotions. You have encouraged our family to focus on what is important. God has used your ministry in our family to encourage and strengthen our kids faith (and Mum and Dad encouraged to focus on our kids spiritual development) Your program is very good and there are not a lot of others who do a similar service, so what you are doing is meeting a need in the Kingdom of God. We have given a donation towards your work but wanted to also express in words what your ministry means to our family and want to see it grow. 
  • You guys are awesome. You bring your energy and enthusiasm about Jesus into our house every Sunday. Thank you so very very much.
    Bec, mum of four, Grace Church Bega Valley
  • Thank you so much for providing this content, so well produced, biblically clear and engaging. It's been a great encouragement to me in this crazy season of 'children's ministry from home' to know that I'm not alone in this work.
    Laura, Children’s Ministry Worker
  • Clear, creative, and compelling, this material from Quiz Worx on the book of Acts is sure to engage kids in the mission of the risen king Jesus. Each week in this series kids are faithfully and creatively taught from Acts about the continuing work of the Lord Jesus, encouraging them to know Jesus as their king and to see their place in this exciting mission. Highly recommended for kids, teachers, and parents everywhere!
    Alan J. Thompson, Sydney Missionary and Bible College
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