School Shows

Quiz Worx live shows are fast paced, action-packed and clearly present who Jesus is from the Bible!

Each 30 minute show aims to share the message of Jesus – his love, power and forgiveness, using:

  • Puppets;
  • An upfront Performer
  • ​Lots of creative mediums (e.g. Music, Stories, Drama, Chalk Talks, etc)

Our shows present what Christians believe and are created to be fun, engaging and able to capture and keep the attention of children from ages 5 to 12. All Quiz Worx School Shows are endorsed for use in SRE (NSW) and RI (QLD) by CEP and GodSpace. Quiz Worx can perform to any number of children, from one class to an entire school (as long as there is a big enough space!).

​Are you planning a special assembly for Easter, Education Week or Christmas? Consider booking a Quiz Worx live show for your celebration.

Each year Quiz Worx perform a ‘School Show’ from March – October and a ‘Christmas Show’ from mid-November – December. We create and perform new shows each year, making two Quiz Worx shows a great addition to your yearly calendar if you are in the greater-Sydney or South-East Queensland areas (e.g. a ‘School Show’ in April and a ‘Christmas Show’ in Nov/Dec).

'Pay What You Can' Pricing

Quiz Worx is a full time ministry that relies on payments from shows. But we also know that everyone's budget is different and we don't want finances to be a reason someone doesn't book a Quiz Worx School Show. Our 'Pay What You Can' pricing model allows those who have more to pay more, and those who have less to pay less. And if we've never visited your school before, we would love to come FREE!

Here are some ideas to help you figure out what to pay:

The average payment for a:

State School Show (SRE/RI/etc) is $220 plus GST

Private/Non-Government School Show is $500 plus GST

(Keep in mind these amounts don't cover the actual cost of a Quiz Worx show)

All payments help Quiz Worx continue sharing the Good News of Jesus with kids everywhere so thank you for your generosity.

​To book now, call us on 1300-PUPPETS (1300 78 77 38) or click on the button below to inquire online.

What people are saying

  • The show is seamless in the presentation. It is energetic and the theme is presented in many engaging formats. So there is repetition for optimal learning. The lesson being taught is constantly referred to as from the Bible. Well done.
    Janelle Cooper
  • I loved the very clear Gospel message in an age appropriate, engaging way. The two performers were very friendly and easy to work with. They were also accommodating after the show to assist with a young boy who had a fear of puppets, showing him how their setup worked and encouraging him. Thank you we really appreciated the show.
    Jasmin Donoghue
  • I absolutely loved the way the show was delivered by your team - they were on the ball and full of energy and its obvious they love Jesus. The show content was great and the kids really got into it. Well done!
    Sue Dunn
  • Communicating the bible message in a relevant, contemporary, at the kids' level way. Energetic and lively and really easy to work with. Every time Quizworx has come over the past 20 years the presentation has been excellent and really well-received. And faithful to the Bible's message - keep up the great work!
    Richard Lane

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