What We Do

Quiz Worx shares the Good News of Jesus with primary aged kids in creative, fun and engaging ways. We perform live shows with puppetry, music, art & stories at schools, churches, outreach events, afternoon kids' clubs and Holiday Kids’ Clubs all over Australia.

School Shows

Quiz Worx live shows are fast paced, action-packed and clearly present who Jesus is from the Bible! Each 30 minute show aims to share the message of Jesus – his love, power and forgiveness using puppets, an upfront performer, lots of creative mediums (e.g. Music, Stories, Drama, Chalk Talks, etc).
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Upcoming Tours

In partnership with local churches, children’s workers and Christians, Quiz Worx aims to share Jesus with kids everywhere! As such, we travel extensively, spending several months of the year touring interstate and regional Australia. This allows us to partner with many people outside well-resourced Sydney.
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Holiday Kids' Clubs

School holidays are a great time for churches to connect with children in your local community for an extended period of time. Often parents are searching for activities that will keep their kids entertained at a price they can afford.
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Church Shows

Over the years, Quiz Worx has performed at hundreds of different churches across Australia. As Quiz Worx exists to share Jesus with kids everywhere, having a 30 minute show during your church service can be a great opportunity for outreach to the local community.
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Over the past decade, the team at Quiz Worx have performed hundreds of live shows to thousands of kids all over Australia.Through this vast experience, they have seen the effectiveness of using creative tools (like puppetry, art, music & drama) to engage and communicate the Good News of Jesus to kids.
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