Welcome Amplify Friends! Here are three ways we can partner together this year:
What we do

Book a LIVE Show

Quiz Worx live shows are fast paced, action-packed and clearly present who Jesus is from the Bible!

Our 30-min show aims to share the message of Jesus – his love, power and forgiveness, using puppets, music, stories, drama & more!

And if it's our first time visiting your school, the show is FREE!


Free Videos

  • Nearly 200 Bible-based videos + accompanying resources.
  • Stream & Download - for ease of use at school, church or home.
  • It's FREE!
Join more than 3,400 churches and 2,600 families from more than 100 countries who have already signed up for Quiz Worx Resources - create a free account for instant access!
Compatible with all devices
Join our team!

Join Our Team

Join our team and help us share Jesus with kids everywhere!

If you have a deep passion to know Christ and make Him known, especially to kids, then Quiz Worx might be the place for you. Consider joining us as an Intern, Christmas Volunteer or Permanent Performer. 

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