FREE MP3 of ‘Wait No More’!

We’re excited to announce a brand new song for Christmas called Wait No More and we’re pleased to make it available to you FREE! This song is part of our 2018 Christmas show which we are touring from 5 Nov – 24 Dec 2018. Simply complete the form below and we will email you the MP3 file instantly (and a link to download a pdf of the lyrics too).

Feel free to enjoy it at home or use it in your school, church or children’s ministry.

God bless and Merry Christmas from everyone at Quiz Worx!

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Quiz Worx Supporters’ Nights 2018

We are excited to be holding two Quiz Worx Supporters’ Nights this year: one in Sydney on Saturday, 1st of September and one in Brisbane a week later on Saturday, 8th of September.

Come along to celebrate what God has been doing in and through Quiz Worx over this past year, to be encouraged and to pray for the year ahead. There will be heaps of puppets, fun, prayer and we will hear from our team who moved up to the Gold Coast at the beginning of this year. It’s a great night for the whole family too, so feel free to bring your kids (or grandkids!).

This year our theme will be ‘God’s Team’ (which coincidentally is the theme of our school show and Holiday Kids’ Club this year). Here are the details for the two nights:


Sydney Supporter’s Night:

WHEN: Saturday, 1st September – A free BBQ kicks off at 5:30pm, presentation at 6:45pm, and supper at 8pm.
WHERE: St James’ Anglican Church, Croydon (2 Highbury St, Croydon NSW 2132)
RSVP: Yes please! RSVP here by Tuesday, 28th August.

Brisbane Supporter’s Night:

WHEN: Saturday, 8th September – A free pizza dinner kicks off at 5:30pm, presentation at 6:45pm, and supper at 8pm.
WHERE: Southside Presbyterian Church (30 McKechnie Dr, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113)
RSVP: Yes please! RSVP here by Tuesday, 4th September.


Hope to see you there!

40 Unchurched Kids Share the Good News

MAtt recently had the privilege of visiting some schools in Bundaberg, Queensland and sharing the Good News of Jesus with kids there. After returning home, we received this very encouraging message from Nicole, who teaches Religious Instruction at one of the state schools in Bundaberg:


“I teach two classes of year 1 and 2 kids each week. When I came to class today with your follow up postcard I asked the kids to teach me what they learnt last week in your presentation (unfortunately I couldn’t be there to see it and had no idea what was said).

I had two kids from each class come up and draw your illustration on the whiteboard and everyone was able to retell the story amazingly well on their own accord.
 I just heard the Good News of Jesus spoken to me from nearly 40 unchurched kids. Totally made my day.  You are all making an impact. Thank you so much for the work you do.”


Together we are making an impact – thank you for any generous gift you can make to help share the Good News of Jesus with more kids like these.

Help share Jesus with 115,000 kids!

Scruff the Dog has his own ideas about why you should give to the Appeal (watch the video below to find out) but Creative Director MAtt Gorton says,

“I’m here to ask you to give generously towards the Appeal…so we can share Jesus with 115,000 kids this year!

Through the support of generous partners like you, we have already performed 261 shows this year.

But the busiest time is still ahead and performing live shows in schools – along with all the other ways we share Jesus with kids – comes with a significant cost.

In 2018 our goal is to perform at least 850 shows in schools, churches and through Holidays Kids’ Clubs, as well as train hundreds of children’s ministry workers, create new Biblical resources for kids, and help kids get answers to their biggest questions.

Please give by 30 June to help reach the $250,000 financial-year-end goal – to help share Jesus with 115,000 kids throughout Australia and New Zealand this year. Thank you for your partnership.



FREE MP3 of ‘God’s Team’!

Fill out my online form.

Your support helps kids get answers to their biggest questions

After a recent show on the NSW South Coast, kids were invited to ask questions, and one young girl named Beth* stood up and said …

“I don’t think Jesus can still be alive, because He doesn’t bring people back to life anymore.”

The young girl went on to share that her grandfather had passed away last year, and she wanted to know why he wasn’t brought back to life. Everyone in the room was silent, and then Matt responded…

“I started by saying how sad it is that her grandad died, and that it must be very hard for her. I also agreed that Jesus often doesn’t bring people back to life today. Then I said, ‘But the Bible says that Jesus did beat death when He came back to life’. And that one day He promises that He will put an end to death completely. And so, the Bible promises that everyone who trusts in Jesus will get to live with Jesus forever one day.”

Thank you for any generous gift you can give to help ensure more kids are given the opportunity to ask their big questions about God and life!


*Name has been changed to protect privacy.


FREE MP3 of ‘Let the Little Children’!

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‘Christmas Is Merry!’ – announcing our 2016 Christmas Show!

Christmas is a great time of celebration. We eat delicious food. We set up Christmas decorations. And we wish everyone “Merry Christmas.” But is it just the doing of those things that makes Christmas a joyous time? Or is there some deeper meaning? What is it that makes Christmas Merry?

This Christmas the team at Quiz Worx will be exploring this question. Using puppets, a brand new song, engaging visuals and stories from the Bible, they will show that Christmas is merry because of Jesus Christ.

Bookings are now closed for our 2016 season (14 November – 23 December) but give us a call to book for Easter and Christmas 2017.

Please note that while we will do our best to accommodate your requested date/s, bookings for Christmas are taken on a first come, first served basis and it’s a good idea to have a backup date in the case that your requested date is not available.


Here are some photos from our 2015 Christmas Shows:

christmas_2015_claz_jen_-and_story_book_small christmas_2015_gruncharina_burger_rings_edit christmas_2015_alex-rocking_edit
christmas_2015_hattie_claz_looking_at_santa christmas_2015_kim_candy_volunteers_cropped_small Mendel and Roz

Quiz Worx Supporters’ Night 2016

The annual Quiz Worx Supporters’ Night is coming up on Saturday 3rd September, at St James’ Anglican Church, Croydon.

Supporters’ Night is a great way to connect with the ministry of Quiz Worx and find out all that’s been happening these past 12 months. Join us for a night of puppets, encouragement, prayer, and a look at what’s coming up in 2017. It’s a great night for the whole family too, so feel free to bring your kids (or grandkids!).

This year we will be performing our current school show, ‘What is the Way?’. So, if you’ve never had the opportunity to see a Quiz Worx live school show, please come along! A free BBQ kicks off at 5:30pm, presentation at 6:45pm, and supper at 8pm. RSVPs are appreciated for catering purposes. To RSVP, please email [email protected]. Hope to see you there!


2015 (Finale Puppets) small 2013 (Meredith+Cindy) 2013 (Kevin+John BBQ) small 2015 (Anth, Jordan, Mike) Mendel and Roz

The Amazing Rescue Comic (2016 Edition)

This glossy comic has been completely re-illustrated and is a great evangelistic tool for use with children ages 5-12 years old. Please note, this comic is not for use or distribution in Special Religious Education (NSW) or Religious Instruction (QLD). Featuring three stories, all with a ‘rescue’ theme, it is fun to read, well set out, and clear in its message.The first story, ‘Jungle Adventure’, is about a reporter, Jane McClane, who is captured by the evil tribe of Tsaziki. Can she be saved? Her only chance will be as Tazo, the mythical great talking ape, comes to save her.This story is followed by the ‘Real Rescue’, which tells the true story that we are all involved in, that we need to be rescued from the consequences of our sin. It is shown that Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection is the only way to be rescued.The final story follows two main characters: Scruff, the disobedient dog, and Clarence, the hero. Clarence makes Scruff a boat, and gives him one rule: ‘Do not pull out the plug.’ Scruff disobeys this one rule with drastic consequences. He is sinking, about to drown, and cannot save himself. What will happen? Grab the comic to find out.Comics are discounted for bulk orders. Contact us for quantities other than those listed below. The Amazing Rescue Comic


1 copy @ AU$2.00 each (Postage $1.50)
5 copies @ AU$2.00 each (Postage $3.00)
25 copies @ AU$2.00 each (Postage $5.00)
50 copies @ AU$1.50 each (Postage $7.00)
100 copies @ $1.50 each (Postage $10.00)