It's Not Fair

This world’s in a mess! Bad things happen everyday! And “It’s not fair!” is what we all say! We all want things to be fair: games, rules, parents, teachers and especially…God!

This Easter, join Jordan, Reg and the Quiz Worx team to discover what the Bible teaches: that God is both all-loving and all-fair and what Jesus did at Easter makes that perfectly clear.

This 18-min video is ideal for use in SRE (NSW) and RI (QLD) classes and assemblies. Due to the nature of the topic, some of the language and concepts will be more easily understood by years 3-6, though the younger years will still be engaged and follow along. It is recommended by the creators of Beginning with God, Connect, Big Questions and GodSpace, and supports the learning outcomes of these curricula.

“Thanks Quiz Worx for another top-quality Easter resource for schools and churches.  Explaining the atonement is never easy, but in this presentation, Jordan, puppets, animations, interviews with children, and an awesome song explain how the cross shows that God is an all loving and all fair judge, and in the resurrection we have hope....Highly recommended.”

- Adam Jolliffe, Youthworks

"Thanks Quiz Worx once again for another great product. You have really done an amazing job in explaining the Easter story, while keeping in mind all the sensitivities within this space [of speaking to children]."

- Shelley Ashton , Team Leader-SRE | Baptist Association NSW and ACT

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