Help share the Good News of Jesus with kids everywhere

Your gift today will help present the Good News of Jesus to kids everywhere. In this time of Covid-19, your support helps us to make Quiz Worx Home Delivery, reaching kids and families in more than 50 countries.

You’ll help bring the message of Jesus to life using puppetry, music, drama, devotions for families, printable worksheets and many other tools. This inspires thousands of kids to explore faith in Jesus for themselves!

“You are clearly and effectively communicating the Good News in an attractive and sensitive way. We're so thankful for your creativity and how you are using art, theatre and humour to convey the most important news of all.”

David, Toowoomba

Your support also means we can be ready to resume live shows when the time comes, visiting schools and churches around Australia and New Zealand. Performing live shows in schools – and all the other things we do to share Jesus with kids – comes with a significant cost. Income received from shows and resources covers less than 20% of the ministry’s running costs. This means donations must cover the remaining 80%.

So please give as generously as you can to help share Jesus with kids in 2021 and beyond!

Other ways to Give

Please send cheques to:
Quiz Worx Inc
211a Auburn Rd
Yagoona, NSW 2199

To find out more in relation to giving, please contact us.

Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 84 936 419 278.

* If you have selected 'Please make my gift tax-deductible', your gift will be made to the Quiz Worx Schools Fund, which is operated by Quiz Worx Incorporated. All gifts of $2 or more made to the Quiz Worx Schools Fund are tax-deductible.

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