Does God Care?

Christmas is meant to be a time of fun, excitement and parties. But sometimes there is also sadness, uncertainty and worry.

In our mixed up world, do you ever wonder “Where is God when sad and bad things happen? Why doesn't he do something?”

This Christmas, the Quiz Worx team are excited to bring you a brand new Christmas show called Does God Care?.

Using fun, animations and puppets we unpack the Christmas story from the Bible to show that 'YES - God Does Care!

At Christmas we remember that God hears, God speaks and God acts in Jesus.

This 18-minute video is ideal for use in SRE (NSW) and RI (QLD) classes and assemblies. It is recommended by the creators of Beginning with God, Connect, Big Questions and GodSpace, and supports the learning outcomes of these curricula.

It can also be used by Non-Government Schools, in Church and Carol events, or even just at home. We are excited to announce that the video can be used within the Deaf Community too, as it includes an Auslan interpretation and closed captions. 

"[The video] is great, really great! There’s a really nice blend of Celebration and acknowledging those who are suffering. It’s inclusive and respectful of where kids find themselves. The lasting message of Jesus who cares and does something about it is positive and memorable. I'm very happy to recommend this as something that primary-aged kids (and their teachers) will benefit from. Good on you!"

- Sally Smith, GodSpace Writing Team Leader

This FREE resource is now available!  Register to see this exciting new show by creating an account (you will also get immediate access to the Does God Care? (Yes He Does!) Music Video - available now - and all our other free resources).

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