Christmas is Merry

Christmas is a merry time of celebration. We eat delicious food. We set up Christmas decorations. And we wish everyone “Merry Christmas.” But what makes Christmas Merry? 

This Christmas, join Michael & Oswald as they explore this question. Using puppets, music, animation, drama and giant Christmas decorations, they will show from the Bible that Christmas is merry because of Jesus Christ. 

This 20-minute video is ideal for use in SRE (NSW) and RI (QLD) classes and assemblies. It is recommended by the creators of Beginning with God, Connect, Big Questions and GodSpace, and supports the learning outcomes of these curricula.

"Christmas is Merry’ from Quiz Worx is just that – a merry and joyful look at the Christmas story with puppets, animations, songs, rubber chickens and more! Linking the Christmas story and familiar Christmas decorations will support student’s engagement and help them connect Christmas with the hope of Jesus for many years to come.”

- Emma Ridley, GodSpace

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